4 Alice Lorange Journey

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It hurts so much.
My body trembles. My head wants to break apart.
Still, I am in my blue pajamas, I am in my bed.
In my bedroom. In my Zone.
I am safe, in my Zone, so why am I in so much pain?


Suddenly, I open my eyes and I see the ceiling. It’s not mine. My ceiling, in my bedroom, is white.
This ceiling is orange.

When Alice Lorange, a young autistic teenager, find herself trapped against her will in a mysterious house with other girls, also named Alice, she’ll experience quite a journey. Will she find a way out and return home?


Two stories in one!
''4 Alice : Lorange Journey'' is an interactive story written with Twine and a remake of Les Quatre Alices .The story of Les Quatre Alices (The Four Alices) was also adapted (Ported) in Twine and it’s available to read as well. The number of words for the two stories combined is 18 314. The original language of both stories is French.

Multiple endings!
Both stories have several endings. Can you find them all?

It is possible to personalize your reading experience with the choice of 3 text sizes, 4 background colors and 4 fonts.

Easy language switch.
It is easy to switch from one language to another in the Settings menu.

Steam Achievements!

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