Cursed Queen Wicked Witch

About this game

Cursed Queen
After his girlfriend broke up with him, Denis go to the Melianie Forest at night. When he accidently free the Dark Fairies and theirs evil queen, Ixelda, he must stop them at all cost!

Wicked Witch
Manolita and Jesabel are good friends. When they summon a wicked witch, they got to stop her somehow…


Two stories in one!
Cursed Queen: Wicked Witch are two short stories written in Twine. Cursed Queen got multiple endings, while Wicked Witch is a linear tale (one end). They are also the remakes of Dark Fairies and Shirina. The original language is French.

It is possible to personalize your reading experience by choosing between 3 text sizes, 3 background colors and 5 fonts.

Easy language switch.
It is easy to switch from one language to another in the Settings menu.

Steam Achievements!

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